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Press Notice

invitation for expression of interest for SHORT-LISTING for architectural firms

The Government of India proposes to construct a residence for an officer of Consulate General of India, Vancouver on a site located 1045, Eyremount Drive, West Vancouver, BC, V7S 2B4. The Consulate General of India, Vancouver # 201-325 Howe Street, Vancouver, British Columbia, V6C 1Z7 Canada invites Expression of Interest (EOI) from Architectural firms, henceforth referred to as Applicants, for short-listing in respect of the project involving design for construction of Residence and ancillary structures for the residence of an officer of Consulate General of India, Vancouver. The following activities will need to be undertaken by the selected Applicant:

Overall planning and design of the project shall include Architectural, Landscaping, Interiors and other associated services, preparation of master-plan of the entire site, drawings and documents for all stages of the project including obtaining approvals from local statutory authorities, preparation of tender documents based on template provided by the Consulate General, tender processing and field review of design during the construction phase of the project.

1. The finished area of the project is expected to be 675 square meters.

2. Detailed information is available on the official website of the Consulate General of India, Vancouver at cgivancouver.org and on https://eprocure.gov.in/epublish/app. The information can also be downloaded from https://aibcclassifieds.wordpress.com/category/competitions-eoi-rfp.

3. The EOI response, with all enclosures, including the entire submission in PDF format on a flash drive, to be submitted at Consulate General of India, Vancouver on or before 0400   pm on Friday, 9th February, 2018. Late submissions will be summarily rejected.

4. Applicants with at least 10 years professional experience, registered with the appropriate statutory authorities and permitted to practice as an Architectural firm in British Columbia, are requested to submit documents for evaluation of their eligibility. Eligible Applicants will be further evaluated through a two step process and will be ranked for short-listing up to a maximum of 8 Applicants. Details of eligibility criteria and selection process are given at cgivancouver.org and on https://eprocure.gov.in/epublish/app. The information can also be downloaded from https://aibcclassifieds.wordpress.com/category/competitions-eoi-rfp .

5. At the second stage of the process, short-listed Applicants will be given the Design Brief and evaluation criteria of the project for submission of related documents and Financial Proposal for selection of the Project Architectural Firm.

Background and Introduction of the Project for the Development of a Diplomatic ResideNCE for the Consulate General of India, Vancouver


1.1 The Consulate General of India in Vancouver was set up well over 30 years ago. The site for the residence of an officer of Consulate General of India, Vancouver (henceforth referred to as “Project”), as defined in the Press Notice is situated at 1045, Eyremount Drive, West Vancouver, British Columbia, V7S 2B4, Canada. The lot has an area of 24,800 square feet (2304 square meters). It is flanked on both sides by residential lots and having roads on front and rear side of the plot.. The site is generally flat. There is an existing old two storey house on the lot. At present, the lot has a gate and driveway on the front and perimeter fencing all around, with thick hedges in some places on the remaining sides. There are a few trees near the plot boundary on the front and some trees in the backyard. There are existing residential buildings in surrounding plots. The covered area for the project will be about 675 square meters.

1.2 The construction program envisages the demolition of the existing structures including asbestos removal according to local laws and construction of a detached residence and auxiliary facilities.

1.3 The Project area will include residence with attached service staff rooms and parking facilities. In addition, provisions for services and security are to be included in the overall plan.

1.4 The Residence is expected to function efficiently with the help of modern security systems including electric front and back gating and perimeter fencing, heating systems, smooth circulation and integration of open and built-up spaces and functional segregation of spaces for guests and residents.

1.5 Budget and Schedule – The services required include the provision of a detailed budget and detailed schedule.

1.6 Services Required – The following services are required to be provided by the Architectural Firm as prime consultant :

  • Architectural
  • Structural
  • Civil
  • Landscaping
  • Interior design, including furniture, window covering etc
  • HVAC and plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Security
  • Cost consulting

The owner will retain a geotechnical engineer and BC Land Surveyor, which will be coordinated by the Architectural Firm

1.7 Climatic Conditions – Vancouver experiences a moderate oceanic climate with summer months that are typically dry. The daily maximum temperature averages 22 degrees C (72 degrees F) in July and August. In December, January and February, daytime temperatures hover around 6 degrees C, though it rarely falls below freezing at night. On an average, snow falls on eleven days in a year. Average yearly snowfall is 38.1 cm (15 inch).

1.8 Development Norms - The building norms applicable to the site are as below:

  • Lot area : 24,800 square feet. (2304 square meters)
  • Site Coverage : 30% of lot area
  • FAR : 0.35 (35% of lot area)
  • Set Backs : as per local norms
  • Parking : Parking provisions to be made as per local norms.

1.9 Functional Requirements - The detailed space requirements are as per the prescribed norms of Government of India and broadly the covered areas for the proposed buildings are:

  • Residence : 550 square meters
  • Stairs and circulation @ 10% : 55 square meters
  • Service Staff accommodation : 2x15 = 30 square meters
  • Garage for 2 cars : 2x20 = 40 square meters

Total : 675 square meters


2.1 Selection of the Architectural Firm shall be as per the selection process described later in this document. Decision by the Government of India (Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi) regarding the selection will be final.

2.2 Applicants must fully acquaint themselves about the scope of the assignment and local conditions before submitting the 'Expression of Interest' (EOI). They may visit the site with prior appointment (by approaching the Consulate by e mail at ) and with permission of the Consulate General of India, Vancouver and seek clarifications, if any.

2.3 No further queries will be entertained at the EOI stage. Short listed Applicants (refer paragraph 4 of Press Notice) may seek clarifications before the second stage process. Such clarifications will be posted on Consulate General of India, Vancouver’s website. Applicants are advised to visit the website regularly.

2.4 References and certificates from the respective Institutes should be signed by an officer not below the rank of Head of Administration in case of Government department or General Manager in case of Private bodies.


3.1 To be eligible for pre-qualification, the Applicant must be an Architectural firm. This would include an existing Joint Venture company as well, meeting all other eligibility criteria. The Applicant (or joint venture, in the case of JV firms) must have his/her/its headquarters or a branch office in Vancouver, and must have provided architectural services for executed projects in the past 10 years for at least one of the following:

At least three detached residences or one diplomatic residence building with a total built up area of 600 square meters or greater;


Two or more detached residences of 500 square meters or greater;


Three or more detached residences of 400 square meters or greater.

3.2 In the above criteria for the architectural services, similar project means having the scope of work similar to scope of this project i.e. providing comprehensive services for planning, design and architectural services (including civil, electro- mechanical, plumbing, HVAC, security including gating and fencing, land-scaping, cost consulting, internal and external services, comprehensive interior-design including furniture, window coverings etc.).

3.3 The applicant must be registered with the appropriate statutory authorities and permitted to practice as an Architect/ Architectural firm in Vancouver. They should also have at least 10 years post registration experience of providing architectural services for executed projects.

3.4 For submission details refer to Section 6.


4.1 National or International level competitions and awards won for executed projects of independent residences during the architectural practice.

4.2 Experience and / or certification in use of green technologies with standard ratings (eg. GRIHA, LEEDS, BC Enery Step Code, Passive House etc.), energy saving practices like use of solar power, etc. in executed projects of independent residences – any three similar projects implemented by the applicant.

4.3 Extensive experience in contract administration of the CCDC-2 contract for construction


5.1 The selection of the Architectural firm is through a two-step selection process:

(i) Short listing of eligible EOI applicants based on ranking on additional desirable criteria, and

(ii) Technical and financial evaluation of proposals submitted by the short-listed Applicants.

5.2 Each Applicant will submit an EOI, structure of which is given later in Section 6, along with a suitable covering letter. There will be a screening of EOI based on which eligible architectural firms shall be short-listed.

5.3 Short-listed Applicants will be given a Design Brief and Evaluation criteria. They will be required to submit related documents for technical evaluation and proposals in two separate sealed envelopes and make a presentation of their capacity, experience, work done etc. in order of criteria (refer 13 b part of design brief) before a Selection Committee. The Selection Committee will evaluate the proposals for ranking in order of their cumulative scores on the technical and financial proportion (technical 75 + financial 25).

5.4 The Applicant with maximum cumulative score will be invited for selection and required to enter into an RAIC 6C agreement with the Mission.


6.1 For Eligibility Criteria

Applicants are required to provide following documents:

a. Copy of AIBC Certificate of Practice.

b. Copy of professional liability insurance Certificate of insurance, indicating amounts held, any exclusions, expiry date..

Address of the company headquarters or branch office, as given in the Company registration document (copy to be attached).

c. Applicants are required to provide information of the projects completed in the last 10 years and which are similar to the proposed diplomatic residence project. Only those projects will be considered which satisfy the eligibility criteria (as prescribed in Section 3.1 above) determined from the following data duly certified by the client.

Project summary with photographs


Project name, location and brief description


Project owner/ Name of Client


Date of commencement and completion of the Project


Total lot area and total covered area (in sq. m)


Brief description of programme


Scope of work handled by the applicant in this project


References (name, title, telephone number/ email)



6.2 For Desirable Criteria

a. Attach copy of citation/ award received or copy of official announcement in press. Details of the projects which were awarded, provided in format given in 6.1 - c above.

b. Copy of certificate received for use of Green Technologies in respect of buildings or projects/buildings (Refer paragraph 4.2). Write up on a single page A4.

Conditions of eligibility for Joint Venture firms

A certified copy of MOU between the firms having a joint venture shall be provided. The joint venture firm shall meet all the laid down criteria of registration, experience, turnover, awards etc. as a single entity, to be considered from the date of the joint venture MOU.


7.1 Please provide sufficient information for each parameter/factor assigned for calculating scores against each desirable criteria. If sufficient information is not available about some parameter/factor during evaluation, Zero (0) score may be assigned to that parameter/factor.

7.2 Length of experience will be counted as on the date of publication of Press Notice.




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