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Dear Head of Mission/Post,


The 14th Know India Program concluded on 17th April 2010. We trust the participants enjoyed the program and learned about India and its rich cultural heritage. The program did turn more eventful than usual towards the end due to the return flights of some participants getting cancelled on account of the flight disruptions over Europe . The participants were taken full care of during this period and accommodated in the same hotel where they had been staying for the program in Delhi and full support was provided to facilitate their early return to their homeland.


I am happy to tell you that the Ministry is planning to conduct 3 more Know India Programs in this financial year. The following is the tentative schedule of the Know India Programmes to be conducted by this Ministry during 2010-11:





Partner States

Last date for receipt of nominations in MOIA

15th KIP

August -

September 2010

Assam , Meghalaya

30th  June 2010

16th KIP

December 2010 - January 2011

West Bengal, Bihar

30th September 2010

17th KIP

March- April 2011

Punjab , Himachal

31st December 2010


2.         Guidelines and application form for these programmes are attached as Annexure - I & Annexure - II respectively. Exact dates for these programmes would be conveyed as soon as the willingness of the partner states arereceived.


It has been our experience in the past that while most of the participants are able to adapt well to the program, still there are some participants who are either not medically fit or mentally or physically not equipped to be able to face either the vagaries of the weather or the seriousness that the program requires. There has been an instance where one participant wanted to go back by the return flight on the day of arrival itself and was terribly homesick. As the Government of India is spending a huge financial amount on these participants which includes 90% of their international airfare, due care may be taken while choosing participants so that the time of these participants is not spent sitting back in AC hotel rooms and not availing the opportunity to benefit from the program. While we try to see participants are comfortable, effort should be made to select participants whose main concern is not towards the comforts and luxury they can get out of the program but the knowledge they gain. They should also be told in advance that the program necessarily involves visit / stay in rural areas and accommodation may not necessarily be AC in some places and that the program may require a certain amount of discipline. I suggest that the Missions necessarily include submission of a one page essay by the participants stating why they would like to attend the program and this be closely analysed to judge their attitude, seriousness and expectations from the program so that we may be able to avoid selecting the participants whose only expectation from the program may be that of a paid holiday or a tour to India forced upon them by their PIO parents.


4.       Details of these Programmes would also be available on the website of this Ministry i.e. as well as on the website  


5.    Suitable publicity of the Programme may be done among the Overseas Indian Associations and other interested Indian bodies and individuals. It should also be put up on the website of your Mission/Post and we may be intimated of these publicity efforts. Effort may be made to pick up those participants who have not visited India before, who are students/ not working and not from the same family which has benefitted from this program in the past.


6.                  Receipt of this e-mail may please be acknowledged.




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