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We have seen media reports in some sections of the press regarding supply of uniforms and fundraising by some members of the Indo-Canadian community for the Indian Contingent for the Winter Olympics 2010 being held in Vancouver.

2.      It is emphasized that the 8-member Indian Contingent led by Chef de Mission Mr. R.K. Gupta had come fully equipped as per the standard rules and procedures laid down by the Indian National Olympic Committee and Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports, Government of India.  On arrival of the Indian Contingent in Vancouver, some enthusiastic members of the Indo-Canadian
community in an emotional outburst, at seeing Indian sportsmen representing at the Winter Olympics, had made a gesture of offering to contribute in any manner.   However, Chef de Mission, declined all offers made by the Indo-Canadian community. In this connection, Chef de Mission has already issued a Press Release on 12th February 2010 clarifying the position of Indian Contingent (copy enclosed). He has also made statements to the visual / print / electronic media clarifying that the Indian Contingent has neither asked nor accepted any uniforms or funds from the Indo-Canadian community.

17th February 2010


In  Winter Olympic Games to be held in Vancouver 2010, we have 3 athletes ,1 Luge ,1 alpine and 1 cross country and all were qualified for the Olympics after a dedicated effort of 4 years by attaining training in India, Australia, Italy, Germany Norway ,France and Japan.. Ski athletes were sponsored by our National Ski Federation and a grant for the training was received from Govt. Of India Ministry of Sports .We also received scholarship from IOC for one of our athletes for a period of 2 years.

Our Luge Athlete was sponsored by Limca Book of Records and Swiss International Airlines while most of his expenses were self borne; IOC also gave a scholarship for 2 years. For this Olympic Winter Games, the Ministry for sports has also contributed US$ 20000 towards his Travel and Equipment. We at WGFI have been organizing Gulmarg Global Derby which was duly attended by FIS nations and is coming up as a popular International Event. Indian NOC and Ministry of Sports, Govt. Of India provided us reasonably sufficient
funds for Uniform and Other Kits for attending the Games.

It was published on February 11th 2010 on the website of CBC News with a heading “3 Man Indian Olympic Teams Gets Donated Uniforms” stating that Indian Team does not have clothes .We have never demanded for any kind of financial help from anyone in Canada. We are honoured to represent India at Vancouver 2010 and request the Indian Community in India ,North America and
all over the World to support and cheer for us all the way.

Chef De Mission
Indian Team at Vancouver 2010
February 12th 2010;
Olympic Village Wh



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