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Other Miscellaneous Services

Registration of Deaths

Death of all Indian nationals should be registered with the Consulate by submitting the prescribed application together with the death certificate, passport of the deceased and fee of C$ 32.00.

Requirements for transportation of ashes to India:

(a) Registration of Death with the Consulate (in case of Indian nationals only)

(b) Death Certificate in original and a copy thereof.

(c) Cremation certificate.

(d) Certificate of packing indicating name, age, date, time and cause of death, contents of package

(e) Passport of the deceased.

(f) Name, address and passport particulars of the person taking the ashes.

(g) Fees: C$ 48/- for Indian nationals; C$ 16/- for others.

Certificate of Date of Birth

(Note: This is not a Birth Certificate but a Certificate of the Date of Birth. Applicants are advised to check the acceptability of this Certificate with the authorities before obtaining this Certificate)


(a) Application form duly filled in ( duplicate)

b) Current/expired Indian passport with valid immigration papers and copies thereof or notarized copies of of valid immigration papers may be submitted.

(c) Fee: C$ 32.00.

Time taken: Seven days; Mail-in cases: 10 days after receipt

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