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Documents required for Conference Visa for Pakistani nationals or Pakistani nationals holding dual nationality:

1. Sponsorship Certificate* (duly attested by the Authorised Officer in India) taking responsibility for the bonafides and good conduct of the Pakistani national;

2. Antecedents/Bonafides certificate issued by Foreign Office of the Government of Pakistan in Canada duly certifying the character and antecedents of the Pakistani national AND Police Clearance from Canada;

3. Copy of NADRA card along with English translation clearly indicating the address;

4. Letter of invitation from the organizers of the event in India:

(i) to a conference/seminar/workshop by a Ministry or Department of the Govt. of India, State Governments or UT administrations, PSUs, Central Educational Institutions, Public Funded Universities or an organization owned and controlled by Government of India.
(ii)If the conference is sponsored by an NGO, clearance from the Nodal/Line Ministry/ies of the Centre/State Government should be attached.

5. Letter of introduction from the organization in which the applicant is working.

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