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With effect from 10th September 2012, an additional amount of $2.00 per application is being charged on each service on account of Consular Surcharge.  The fee for various categories are as follows: -

Applicant (adult/minor) applying for OCI for the first time

C$ 278 + C$ 2 (Consular Surcharge)

Re-issue of OCI Card/ Transfer of "U" sticker and change of personal particulars

C$ 28 + C$ 2 (Consular Surcharge)

Issue of duplicate OCI Card and 'U' visa sticker due to loss/damage of OCI Card or ‘U’ visa sticker

C$ 101 + C$ 2 (Consular Surcharge)

*In addition to the prescribed fee + Consular Surcharge, an applicant would be required to pay to BLS a service fee of C$ 7.40 (inclusive of applicable taxes.) BLS should be contacted about the total charges and the exact procedure for remitting the fee. For more details one can visit their website: www.blsindia-canada.com.

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