Surcharge on Consular Services

An additional fee of C$ 2.00 per application will be charged with effect from 10th September 2012 on     each service on account of Consular Surcharge.  This will be in         addition to the already prescribed fees and service charges and is   applicable on all     services.



The Indian Community Welfare Fund (ICWF) was established in 2011.


Overseas Indian workers duped by unscrupulous intermediaries in the host countries, runaway house maids, those who become victim of accidents, deserted spouses of Overseas Indians or undocumented Overseas Indian workers in need of emergency assistance or other Overseas Indian citizens who are in distress would be the main beneficiaries of the Fund.  The Fund will also be utilized to meet the expenditure for airlifting the mortal remains of Overseas Indian Citizens to India on a means tested basis, on the recommendation of the respective Heads of Missions.  It is also meant for release of Overseas Indian nationals from detention centres as well as serve as support to Overseas Indian community centres and student welfare centres.