Invitation to 'Know India Programme' (KIP) for young PIOs
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1.       Young members of the Indian Diaspora (PIO) are cordially invited to participate in the ‘Know India Programme’ (KIP) to rediscover their Indian roots.

2.       Under KIP the Ministry of External Affairs of India, offers a three-week long visit to young PIOs to give them an exposure to various aspects of contemporary India, and India’s diverse forms of art, heritage, and culture. So far 1053 Indian origin youth from 42 countries have visited India through 34 editions of KIP. 

3.       The schedule for the next KIP as under:

Tour dates

Partner State

Last date for receipt of application by Consulate General of India

05 May to 01 June, 2016


8th April, 2016

  • The highlight of the KIP is a tour of Maharashtra,  on board the luxury train "Deccan Odyssey".

4.       Broad terms and guidelines

  1. The programme is open to Persons of Indian origin (PIO) in the age group of 18-26 years,the world over (excluding non-resident Indians).

  2. The total number of participants in any KIP may not exceed 40.

  3. Minimum qualification required for applying is graduate or studying for graduation.

  4. The applicants should be able to converse in English.

  5. The applicant should not have participated in any previous KIP or Internship Programme for Diaspora Youth (IPDY).

  6. Students and those who have not visited India before are encouraged to apply.

  7. The content of the programme may include the following:

    1. Classroom presentations on India’s political system, economy, society, and developments in various sectors etc.

    2. Interaction with students at University/ College.

    3. Visit to places of historical importance

    4. Participation in cultural programmes, yoga

    5. Visit to industrial sites

    6. Visit to a village

    7. Interaction with non-profits

    8. Meetings with senior political leadership in India

    9. Visit to a select state in India for 10 days

  8. The participants are provided the following hospitality/facilities in India:

    1. local hospitality e.g. boarding/lodging in State guest houses or budget hotels,

    2. Internal travel as per the Programme.

      Selected participants would be required to purchase air ticket for their journey from the country of residence to India and back, as per the schedule prescribed for the Programme. The High Commission of India, Ottawa would reimburse 90% (ninety percent) of the total cost of air ticket for the cheapest economy class travel to the participants on successful completion of the programme by them.

      Gratis visa will be issued to selected participants.

      A medical fitness certificate from the participants will be sought. Every participant should have medical insurance before the visa is granted to them.

      All applicants for the programme may be asked to write an essay of 250 to 300 words on why they want to participate and what they expect to gain from the programme.

      The participants would also not be permitted to leave the Programme mid-way. All are expected to participate in the various programmes organized for them enthusiastically & are not expected to stay back in their hotel room , except for medical reason as advised by the doctor. Participants who leave the program on their own will not be entitled to either the airfare or any allowance.

      The organizers will take care of the participants for the duration of the program only. If the participants wish to come early or stay late they will have to make their own arrangements.

      All applicants need to apply in the prescribed format (attached) to the Consulate General of India (as per details below), by the due date, along with (i) an essay of 250 to 300 words on why they want to participate in KIP and what they expect to gain from it; &(ii) a recent passport size photograph.

      Mr.N.Lingi Chetty, Consul
      Consulate General of India ,
      #201-325,Howe Street,
      Vancouver,BC.  Canada V6C 1Z7
      ; Email; 

      Successful candidates only will be contacted by the Consulate General of India

5.       The application form, detailed guidelines and KIP programme are attached.


28 March 2016

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