Medical Visa

Medical Visa is meant for those foreigners whose sole objective of visit to India is to seek medical treatment in established/recognised/specialised Hospital /Treatment Centres in India for serious ailments.

Medical Attendant Visa

Medical Attendant Visa is meant for the attendant / family members of the patient coming to India for medical treatment. This visa is co-terminus with Medical Visa of the patient. Maximum two persons (Attendant and family members of the patient) will be granted this visa. The applicant is required to produce a letter from established/recognised/specialised Hospital/Treatment Centres in India confirming that assistance is required by the patient on Medical Visa with the Medical Attendant's name included in the said letter.

                 Requirements :

1.      Duly completed, printed and signed  on-line visa application form

2.      Two recent colour passport size (about 35 mm x 35 mm) photographs, showing full frontal view of face against a while background to be pasted/stapled on the application form.

3.      Current valid passport with minimum of 190 days validity and must have minimum 2 blank pages.

4.      A Medical certificate/advice from established/ recognised/specialised Hospital/Treatment Centres in India confirming the dates, place(s) and the duration of the treatment.

5.      Fee for Six Months’s visa for Canadian passport holders is C$ 183.00 + C$ 2.00 (Consular Surcharge) = (Total : C$ 185.00).  In addition, service charge of C$ 7.40 (inclusive of taxes) is payable to BLS International Services Canada Inc.  Please consult them about the total cost and the exact procedure for remitting the fee