Tatkal Service (only for passport re-issue cases)
In case of emergency, passport can be issued, subject to completion of prescribed procedures and necessary clearances, within 1-3 days on payment of Tatkal Fees of C$ 229/- (for minor applicants – C$ 204/-). The fee is payable, either by Bank draft or Money Order, to the “Consulate General of India, Vancouver”.

This service is not available for passport applications/documents sent by mail, and for expired visa status.

Duplicate passport application will normally not be accepted under Tatkal. However, in urgent situations, if PRIDE/local system has full passport particulars including photo and clear Police Verification Report, such application will be accepted.


In addition to the requirements, indicated above for `New Passports`, an applicant shall have to address a letter to the Consulate requesting the application to be considered under the Tatkal Scheme while explaining the nature of the emergency. Application shall have to be submitted at the Consulate and the submission time is 0930 – 1130 hrs. on all working days. Incomplete/Improper applications shall not be accepted.

Please note that the Consulate may not be able to render the service in certain cases. It is, therefore, suggested that the following information be submitted, in advance, and seek clearance to apply for this service :
Name of the applicant :
Date of birth :
Passport Number :
Date of Issue :
Place of Issue:
Date of expiry
Visa Status:
Reasons for Applying for Tatkal Service :